Wednesday, April 20, 2011

the grapefruit that started the habit

This february I got back from a tuesday night run and I was thirsty and tired and hungry.  I was getting cold from sweating and honestly needed a shower.  I grabbed a grapefruit and a grapefruit spoon and off I went to "bathe".  It ended up to work out quite nicely.  I didn't realize how unusual my friends thought I was.  I thought in the busy life of a multitasker that this was a typical move.  Why would a person want to do one thing if they could accomplish two things? 

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  1. This blog is brilliant. I would totally eat in the tub, however, I only have a shower. I would like to contribute however with a note of things I drink in the shower: coffee in a mug with a lid when I'm really tired and can't wait to finish my shower before ingesting caffeine, Diet Coke out of a can because I love it, wine…well because I’m usually drinking wine when I need to have a good cry and crying just goes well with a long shower and hot tea when I’m so freaking cold I can’t move but it’s too late to drink caffeine. I think this about covers it. PS. I can’t wait until I have a tub again. Someday…