Wednesday, August 1, 2012

hamburger wraps

My life of elaborate bathtub eating continues.  Sometimes I must have red meat.  I really, really like hamburgers with peanut butter on them but there is no peanut butter in my house.  Almond butter - yes.  The consistency just does not work.

Please note the sliced tomatoes in a nice ramekin.  That is pure blogging brilliance and presentation.  This night, I cut all of my brussel sprouts and tomatoes in little halves.  Someday when I can no longer safely use a knife, I hope there is someone in my life who will do this for me.  It is nice.  Sometimes, perfect half circles are the pinnacle of happy.

I don't own hamburger buns.  I do own cabbage.  Cabbage makes excellent hamburger buns.  They are messy though and drip.  I recently had a friend tell me "outside of work, I always see you with stuff dripped on your shirt".  Um, yeah.  Thus, commencement of more bathtub eating. 

In Iowa, our last winter was very mild.  This gave me two seasons of brussel sprouts from one package of seed and in addition a random beet.  I am relishing in the surprised abundance as I did not plant any of my own vegetables this spring. 

Cheers - to small abundance, excellent presentation and this kooky life we lead.