Monday, April 25, 2011

in california it is illegal to eat an orange in the bathtub

On thursday I am heading to California to run the Avenue of the Giants marathon.  Do you know one of the best things about California?  The oranges!  Right?!?!?  The oranges!!!!  It has been many years since I have broken a law (oooh, never mind.  I may have been speeding by exactly 4 mph over the limit today).  Well, in my 4 mph over the speedlimit mood I will continue my life of crime by breaking this California law.  I will not tell you where I am staying to avoid the certain arrest and torture I would have to endure should the authorities be alerted.  shhhhhhhhh. . . . .keep my secret.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

saturday lovely saturday

My husband actually saw that I had a blog.  This has been an interesting development as it has increased his buy in in the whole food in the tub thing.  For instance, saturday morning he delivered this coffee to me and asked if I was going to take a picture and then gave some unsolicited advice on the type of picture I could take.  I explained it's not that kind of a blog.  On saturday night, we had carmelized pears with blue cheese and black pepper carmel.  Husband was proud and wanted to know why I wasn't taking a photo of this brilliant dessert.  I explained that I wasn't actually eating it in the tub.  He asked me if I would go to the tub so that I may take a photo.  I explained that I was already sparkling clean.  He asked if I would just cheat and take a photo of the glorious dessert (and it was glorious) in the tub anyway so he could get a little exposure on his cullinary skills.  I declined.  He sulked.  Ah, so the integrity of this blog remains and I can sleep at night knowing that I have actually consumed each thing that I have photographed in the bathtub!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Coffee Makes Me Function, Coffee in the Shower Make Me Function Faster

So this morning was the perfect morning for a cuppa joe in the shower, as I had to peel myself out of bed and of course was running late. Today - Dunkin' Donuts French Vanilla brew with International Delights Chai Latte creamer. Gotta say...think chai needs to stick with its tea. Not so much lovin' the Chai Latte creamer, however, I am an Iowan, and I will use it til the last drop is gone. 

On another note, I got this new mug for my birthday from my friend MaryJane. It's a "contigo" mug...PERFECT for coffee in the shower. You have to push the cute little button to open the pour hole. Keeps the water right out!
When it's time to relax (in the bath), one Tequila stands clear. A wonderfully aged tequila, it's criminal to drink this Don Julio any way but neat!

home brewed beer

My husband brews beer.  At this very moment, we have about 30 gallons of beer in various stages from ready to drink to fermenting.  My husband has a secret labeling system that I have not learned, so I am never sure what I'm drinking.  This is something dark and smooth and yummy.  Do they make bathtub's with cup holders?  Wouldn't that be brilliant?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

left over dessert

I love the cafe's desserts.  I love them so much.  This is a cherry almond gallette with sour cream ice cream.  This is 10 a.m. on a saturday.  My life is amazing.


On saturday after a long run, my husband presented me with ice cream.  Holy cow, a habit is born!!!  Not only do I now multitask, I have enablers!  I am a lucky gal.

the grapefruit that started the habit

This february I got back from a tuesday night run and I was thirsty and tired and hungry.  I was getting cold from sweating and honestly needed a shower.  I grabbed a grapefruit and a grapefruit spoon and off I went to "bathe".  It ended up to work out quite nicely.  I didn't realize how unusual my friends thought I was.  I thought in the busy life of a multitasker that this was a typical move.  Why would a person want to do one thing if they could accomplish two things?