Wednesday, July 27, 2011

food fight becomes food festival

So, last night, I took the opportunity to poke fun of one of my friends and you should know what ensued.
She who was previously unnamed, got a picture of the food she served her husband in the bathtub.  Thank you brave husband for sharing this feast with us!  However, upon bringing food to the bathroom, this is the look that was received for having the food at nose level.

Is this not the cutest face you have ever seen?  Yes, yes it is. Lucky me, received each of these photos in this order.  What happened next is my favorite. . . .it was time for the children to bathe.  Apparently this is the bathroom of my dreams.  It is a bathroom with a built in TV for watching movies, a mom who delivers food to the bathtub and a cute puppy.  It may be the most heavily travelled bathroom in the area, but I am convinced that I know why.  It is obviously a very fun place to be or visit. 
After changing the expectations that the bathroom is a place for fun and food, the children got in on the frivolity.  By the way, this makes me want a movie and popcorn in the tub.  I need a water proof television.
But back to my friends, popsicle was the winning food of the evening.

I love love love how this post evolved.  Thank you MB for opening your family up to the fun of bathtub eating and going with it.  I am making you an honorary poster on this blog.  Which means. . .today, in the battle of family vs.  food. . . food won!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Food Fight

Today I received a message from a friend.  I have promised to call her, "she who shall not be named".  She handed her husband a plate of pork roast, mashed potatoes & corn to eat while in the tub.  She offered to take a picture and post it for me.  He declined. 

So, this is the thing about marriage.  Sometimes you have to do things for the good of both of you.  Sometimes you have to do things because it's good for the world.  I think sharing this laugh together is good for the world.  That was my argument.

I think he still declined.

I wonder if he knows how lucky he is to have a wife who delivers food to the tub.  I know how rare a luxury that is.  I also think he needed to know that I don't require a photo of any parts, just a photo of the food, with say, a faucet or some bubbles in the background. 

He still declined.

I hope the marriage tension this blog has caused eases and that perhaps a mutual appreciation can occur.  Unfortunately I have no yummy photo to share.  But,  it is enough to know I am not alone.  To know that other people are out there.  People secretly saving time or recharging with a long soak and some fine dining. 

Today. . . in the epic battle that is marriage vs. food in the tub. . . . this blog lost.