Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cranberry Vodka

This past fall, a month after running the chicago marathon, Jamile, Adam and I went to run a small little marathon in Wisconsin.  The allure was that the entire marathon was on an old railbed trail and had a mile long train tunnel  that you got to go through twice.  I think everyone in this tiny town turned out to help with the marathon and we were served fresh grilled chicken upon finishing.  It was fall and cranberry harvest time and Adams' super significant other, Melissa is the best cook in the world.  We picked up a 5 lb bag of cranberries knowing that if someone could do something fabulous with them, it would be Melissa.

Flash forward to me drinking cranberry infused vodka in the bathtub.  While vodka purists may comment on the ice cubes in the glass, upon receiving the bottle, I couldn't wait for it to chill and immedicately poured some over ice to drink straight.  I must say that the tartness of the cranberry really offset the vodka flavor.  This is a life I can get used to.

For the fabulous recipes, check out

I truly know the best people in the world.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Garlic Love

I am getting a divorce.  The details are not relevent to this post.  BECAUSE. . ..this post is about eating in the bathtub and everything wonderful, crazy and full of joy.  You need to know this because my "bathtub food delivery system" is no longer in my house.  It has always been me that gets back from a run smelly and hungry and can't decide what to do first.  My ex hated it when I ate garlic.  I have to give him credit.  It does somehow infiltrate my system and come out of my pores for a few days after I eat it.  That may be because of the quantity with which I eat garlic. 

Luckily, as my life changed, The Cafe in Ames started carrying a garlic appetizer.  Bread, cheese, garlic, some sort of tomato/pepper yumminess and bread!  What better way to enjoy then to have a mini buffet of options in the tub. . . with wine.

This is perhaps the most elaborate in the bathtub eating that I have done and I must admit that I lost one garlic clove into the bath water.  I am not sure I'll attempt something this complex in the future, but for one, short 30 minutes, this was heaven!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Chocolate Malty Balls

Yeah - I went there with this title.  I have discovered my new favorite bathtub luxury items and they are triple chocolate malted milk balls.  I think the only way to improve them would be to sprinkle them with seasalt and then this title would be Chocolate Salty Malty Balls.  Brilliant.

When I go to Okoboji, I pick up these homemade malted milk balls.  They are like the malted milk balls you can buy at the store . . . only multiply the goodness times 17.  They come in dark and milk chocolate.  While normally, I'm an interesting dark chocolate kinda girl, these are irresistable and both must be consumed in equal quantities. 

OOOOOOOH, look at the goodness all tied up in a water proof bag.  These are not bath beads people, these are not to be wasted!

I'm sorry you can see my legs from the knee down in this photo.  Same as wearing shorts.  I almost didn't post the photo, but hey, it's my legs and I'm too lazy to crop the photo.  Plus, you can see that I could not wait until the tub was full to start eating them.

Every person in the world should have this experience.  Next time I drive to Okoboji, I offer free delivery!