Friday, March 2, 2012

Chocolate Malty Balls

Yeah - I went there with this title.  I have discovered my new favorite bathtub luxury items and they are triple chocolate malted milk balls.  I think the only way to improve them would be to sprinkle them with seasalt and then this title would be Chocolate Salty Malty Balls.  Brilliant.

When I go to Okoboji, I pick up these homemade malted milk balls.  They are like the malted milk balls you can buy at the store . . . only multiply the goodness times 17.  They come in dark and milk chocolate.  While normally, I'm an interesting dark chocolate kinda girl, these are irresistable and both must be consumed in equal quantities. 

OOOOOOOH, look at the goodness all tied up in a water proof bag.  These are not bath beads people, these are not to be wasted!

I'm sorry you can see my legs from the knee down in this photo.  Same as wearing shorts.  I almost didn't post the photo, but hey, it's my legs and I'm too lazy to crop the photo.  Plus, you can see that I could not wait until the tub was full to start eating them.

Every person in the world should have this experience.  Next time I drive to Okoboji, I offer free delivery!

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