Monday, March 5, 2012

Garlic Love

I am getting a divorce.  The details are not relevent to this post.  BECAUSE. . ..this post is about eating in the bathtub and everything wonderful, crazy and full of joy.  You need to know this because my "bathtub food delivery system" is no longer in my house.  It has always been me that gets back from a run smelly and hungry and can't decide what to do first.  My ex hated it when I ate garlic.  I have to give him credit.  It does somehow infiltrate my system and come out of my pores for a few days after I eat it.  That may be because of the quantity with which I eat garlic. 

Luckily, as my life changed, The Cafe in Ames started carrying a garlic appetizer.  Bread, cheese, garlic, some sort of tomato/pepper yumminess and bread!  What better way to enjoy then to have a mini buffet of options in the tub. . . with wine.

This is perhaps the most elaborate in the bathtub eating that I have done and I must admit that I lost one garlic clove into the bath water.  I am not sure I'll attempt something this complex in the future, but for one, short 30 minutes, this was heaven!


  1. I admire you for pushing the boundaries of what can be eaten in the bathtub. Losing a garlic clove now and again is just a risk that you have to take.

  2. just take a garlic bath and let it soak into your pores.