Friday, May 24, 2013

so not smooth smoothie

I've had a week where the forces of the universe and I were flowing in opposite directions.  When this happens, sometimes my eating falls apart.  I am the type of person who makes all my lunches for the week and puts them in the fridge so I don't have to think in the middle of the day and can just eat.  I haven't been doing that lately.  This week, I think I had half a glass of orange juice and that counts as my only fruit of the entire week.  Bad, bad kori.

Tonight, I went to a yoga class that was new to me and it was hot and hard and there were weights and maybe the room spun a couple of times.  Yoga is not for wimps.  This left me needing a refreshing, nutricious. . .something upon getting back home.  A smoothie is just the thing for this.  All my fruit servings for the week. . . all at once!

I'm not very coordinated or graceful.  This is especially true when I have sweated through my clothing, my hands are shaking and my blood sugar is low.

Example #1.  I spilled the blueberries on the kitchen counter.

Example #2.  I blendered my wooden spoon into my smoothie.

Example #3.  I overfilled my glass.

Ah, so I need to shower and this glass will leave rings everywhere.  It's obviously bathtub smoothie night in my house.
Since I made enough smoothie for four people, I am now drinking round #2 while writing this blog in my pajamas.  So, cheers my fun friends out there in the world who are not clumsy.  I salute you!  As for me, I'm just trying not to spill my beverage on my shirt.