Tuesday, May 24, 2011

sweet sweet wine

Do you know what happens when you mow the lawn in flip flops?  Your feet turn green.  Not just I got a few flakes of grass on me green, but I decided to make grass flavored wine by crushing every last leaf with my feet green.  This calls for bathing.  At our house we have two bathtubs.  The basement bathtub is mine.  This is the bathroom where I can perfectly line up every cleaning product and shower gel with the labels facing forward in perfectly symmetrical rows.  It is the bathroom that is already remodeled and pretty. It is the bathroom with the good towels. Company towels.  So what do you do when your feet are dyed green by grass?  You bath in your husband's bathroom!  Oooh, are those smears of green on the bottom of the tub?  I didn't notice because I was drinking wine! 

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