Monday, November 19, 2012

thai pizza

I am surrounded by friends who love food.  I don't know if we all found eachother because of this or because of a variety of other interests.  Either way, if you want to have an experiment, these are the people to ask. 

I hosted "pizza cookoff night" recently.  My favorite pizza crusts come from Wheatsfield Grocery and they are gluten free from Chebe.  I don't need to eat gluten free, I just LOVE these crusts.  They are chewy and flavorful and stand up to a mix of ingredients.

On pizza cookoff night, I made three crusts and friends brought the toppings for their pizzas.  We were to share the results, but we each controlled the ingredients on one of the pizzas.  The first pizza was provided by Melissa (see and Adam.  Their pizza included squash, arugula, pumpkin seeds and something else wonderful that I have forgotten.  It started the evening off with big shoes to fill. 

Tim and my pizza included pesto made from fresh grown basil, garlic and walnuts.  We topped it with fresh mozzarella, tomato slices and prosciutto along with a sprinkling of chardonnay smoked sea salt. 

Kecia and Tim made thai pizza.  They hands down make the best eggplant I've had.  They have secrets I believe.  Their pizza was started with thai peanut sauce which they added extra thai chillies too.  This pizza was HOT.  See the photo above for the amazingly thick pizza they created.

We all ended up sitting on the kitchen floor and eating pizza.  I have a dining room table, and couches, and other sitting locations, but we were so enjoying our kitchen time together talking about food.

The great thing about hosting a food party is my friends tend to leave the leftovers.  This provided perfect bathtub eating options!!!  I enjoyed the last two pieces of thai pizza in the bathtub with a Kirin beer.  I was so distracted by the goodness of this pizza that I didn't rinse conditioner out of my hair and had to go back to rinse in the shower.

Totally worth it!!!

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  1. I wondered if the leftovers made it into the bathtub...excellent!!