Friday, September 9, 2011


I ran 19 miles.  That is not the point of this blog.  You just need to understand that when I am done running 19 miles that I am very, very tired.  And I don't smell good.  I think if you stood beside me after that it would make you throw up a little.  Bathing becomes very important.  The first thing I do when I get home besides drink water is to wash the sweat off of me.  I had an experience with my husband this weekend that went a little like this.

Me: (set the scene:  in my basement bathtub) (picked up cell phone - call husband):  I'd like to order a pizza for delivery.

Husband:  You just ran 19 miles and you can't slow down to walk past the fridge and grab the left over pizza on your way downstairs?

Me:  The plate would be too heavy.  I am very tired.

Him:  You can run for over three hours and you can't carry a plate?

Me:  Yes, I am not worthy of you.  Could you deliver a pizza to me?

Him:  Yes.

Me:  Is it too much to ask if you would warm it up.  Not in the microwave, but in the oven, so it will taste yummy.

Him:  Sure thing.

This is what he delivered to me.

Me:  um, peaches and fruit dip?

Him:  yogurt, not fruit dip.

Me:  I ordered a pizza.

Him:  This is better for you.

Me:  I thought about pizza the entire last hour of my run.

Him:  I don't want you to be crabby today so I thought you should eat something good for you.

Me:  I am crabby because I didn't get a pizza.

Him:  I'll bring you pizza.

Me:  Do you mind warming it up in the oven.

Him:  Sure thing.

15 minutes later.

Me:  um, this is not pizza.  WHAT is it?

Him:  It's a brei burrito.

Me:  A what?

Him:  A brei burrito.

Me:  I can hear.  I don't understand.

Him:  A log of brei, rolled in croissant dough, with raspberry chipotle sauce.

Me:  Wouldn't it have been less work to heat up my pizza?  Didn't you say you'd get me pizza?

Him:  Well I want you to be happy.

Me:  Pizza makes me happy.

Him:  Brei is good.  If you are still hungry after you eat it, you can have pizza.  Plus, cheese has calcium.

Me:  There is cheese on pizza.

Him:  Here, I'll cut it in half.  You can eat your half?

Me:  Now, I get half a brei?

Him:  I like to share with you.

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