Friday, August 12, 2011


Do you ever have one of those mail days when the box won't shut?  Do you know what's great about catalogs?  Taking them to the bathtub of course.  Yesterday I had this day that was so busy at work that I barely ate anything and then I went out on a run.  Three hours later when I got home, I was starving and there was no blood in my brain.  I scooped up all my mail and decided to multitask - I was going to read my mail, bathe and eat dinner all at the same time because honestly, it was 9:37 p.m. and past my bedtime.  I started running the water while holding the mail under one arm and then decided it would be a good idea to remove my shirt at which point I dropped an armload of paper into the bathtub.  I bent over to take a picture of the mail in the tub to show you and promptly dropped my phone into the water.  I scooped up the phone and dried it off.  Don't tell verizon, but it's completely ok.  Perhaps all of this clumsiness was due to low blood sugar.  I ran down the hall naked (sorry neighbors) to grab some yogurt to eat.  Thank goodness golly I didn't drop the yogurt.  I love this yogurt.  HyVee runs out of it regularly so we actually have discovered their shipment schedule and organize our grocery shopping according to the stocking of one item.  Well, this and the fish counter.  I decided it would be a very bad day to shave my legs given the talent with which I accomplished everything else, I'm just lucky to be alive!  Hopefully I didn't lose any missed bills or checks in that bathtub.

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