Monday, April 9, 2012

New dining table

I bought a new dining room table.  I love it.  it makes me happy. 

Last week I purchased a bag of pears and waited for them to ripen.  I checked them every day.  Not ripe.  On thursday, boom, all the pears were ripe. . . for about 15 minutes. . . .and then they started to go all squishy and bruised.  There are only so many pears a person can eat in 15 minutes.

This week, I bought avocados.  They were getting squishy on the edges and needed to be eaten.  Based on the experience from the previous week, I decided that I would eat all of them at once just for me. 

An entire avocado contains 320 calories due to the high fat content, which is a lot for such a small amount of food. Enjoy them in moderation, and use them to replace foods containing saturated or trans fats, not in addition to these foods

I did not look that fact up until today.  I may have eaten four avocados.  Now, you ask me, you have a new dining room table?  Did you eat your avocados at your dining room table? 

Nah, I've been in the habit of having no dining room table and plunking myself about the house to eat.  The perfect place to eat FOUR avocados?  Of course, you must drizzle them with lime infused olive oil and sprinkle them with black sea salt and then they must be eaten in the bathtub.

Oh my goodness golly.  Is this pure joy or what?


  1. I'm cracking up. And BTW - I LOVE your new always have the BEST taste.

    1. I love avocado and I love your new table. We should plan a party to eat avocados and drink margaritas at your table this week after a run. We could talk about our trip.