Friday, April 13, 2012

pizza and beer. . . timeless

One of my favorite runs is on the greenbelt trail near ames.  Natalie took me to run an all new section of the trail that she knew about but I have never been on.  It was a beautiful, secluded run and gives me many more plans for country, trail running. 

Upon returning home, I didn't feel like cooking.  I started heating leftovers and then spied a left over slice of Black Market Pizza in my fridge.  I must drink a beer when I eat pizza, which is not always good when I'm dehydrated.  It takes 45 seconds to microwave pizza so that's how long I gave myself to chug a glass of water.  I finished the water in 22 seconds and spent the next 27 seconds watching the microwave count down and opening this beer. 

Ironically, the friend who gave me the Shock Top also has a similar hairstyle.  This makes me giggle.  At this point, I'm pretty chilled from being sweaty and also smell ridiculously. . . well, like a runner.  I am absolutely capable of shaving my left leg with my left hand and eating my pizza slice with my right hand.  I do know this as a fact. 

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