Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New Adventures and Fried Chicken

The one consistent thing about life is that it is impermanent.  Life is not static, change is inevitable and growth is fun.  Strangely, I've sought a year of new experiences.  In the past 12 month I've learned to play the bongos.  The bongos!  I have dreams of rhythms and off the wall made up songs around the fire pit. 
I shot a gun for the first time and a bow.  I learned to ride a motorcycle.  I BOUGHT a motorcycle.
I caught an adult bullfrog with my bare hands by slowly sneaking.  They are fast.  For those of you that laughed... they are very fast and catching them is ridiculously hilarious.
I learned to like yoga.  I hated yoga.  Something about sitting quietly always made my brain louder.  On the encouragement of great friends, I tried again and learned to like this weird form of exercise and way of being quiet.  I am seldom quiet.
For a while, I stopped grubbing my food in the bathtub.  I don't know why.  It just wasn't new and different or necessary.  This week, I got the motivation back.  Or perhaps lack of motivation back. 
On Monday I went to a High Intensity Interval Training class with my 20 something co-worker who invited me to join her.  She buttered me up with "I hope I look like you when I'm 40".  So yeah, I'm not 40 YET, but I'll cut her some slack for the compliment value of her statement.  Arriving for class and smiling and being excited to spend time outside of work with one of my awesome co-workers was followed by lunges, jumping and swinging weights in the air all with the aim of not knocking out your neighbors and trying to look coordinated instead of clumsy.  I am happy to say that I did not accidentally knock into said co-worker with my kettle bell.  Whew!
On my way home from class with shaky hands, legs and a heart still up in my throat, I thought about dinner.   Who can cook after that class?  Who can lift their arms after that class to wash their hair?  It is impossible.  Or at least very improbable.

The perfect way to refuel is with dahls fried chicken and root beer.  Did you know that Goose Island makes a crafted root beer?  It is delicious.

I believe in leading a balanced life and while not every night should be filled with fried chicken, the rare one should be.  And while I may change my mind 100 times about what I like to do in my spare time, exercising and eating in the bathtub have been consistent. 
I'm not really a resolutions gal, but for 2013 I have a strange set of goals.  Writing my blog more is one of them.  Hello culinary bathtub adventures!  Cheers!

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  1. I love your bathtub day I may have to venture into this unknown world of bathtub food consumption :)